Thanks To The Mizuno JPX 200 Irons

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Thanks To The Mizuno JPX 200 Irons

Post  alvaluo on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:42 am

The Mizuno MX-300 Irons are the perfect weapons for the player looking for the combination of feel, forgiveness and ball control.The new designed Mizuno MX-300 Irons are a full cavity back iron for players seeking assistance from their golf iron. The undercut cavity design and solid grain flow forged feel make for exceptional turf interaction creating solid impact and shot stopping control.
It is the solid feel that gives me the deep impression. The Mizuno MX-300 gives proficient ball strikers who find the MP series just a little bit too tough to hit consistently out of the sweet spot, the chance to experience the joys of Mizuno forging. Feel has been enhanced through a re-working of Mizuno's Y-tune Pro technology, which has been literally turned on its side to work vertically on the clubhead rather than horizontally, which claims to improve flight control and increase feel on slight miss-hits.
What makes me have a deep impression on the MX-300 Irons are the design at first. The MX-300s are made from the Grain Flow Forged, 1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel, which plays a big part in that feel that Mizuno fans adore. In conjunction with the Grain Flow Forging process, Modal Analysis was used to further perfect that sweet, buttery soft feel and sound at impact. To give you a better idea of the concept behind the MX-300, think "a more forgiving MP iron." Yes, the workability and sleek appearance is still there, but so is a larger sweet spot, and a nearly invisible cavity.
The Mizuno MX-300 iron has been designed to provide players with a reduced offset, more compact alternative to the popular MX-200 Irons range, with a club head top line and face size that places the Mizuno MX-300 falls directly between the MP-52 and MX-200.The profile of the MX 200 is one that any amateur could enjoy looking down and hitting because of the design to look like a players club. One of the main points that excelled with here in these Cheap MX 200 is the thin face to create more ballspeed at impact.
Thanks to the Mizuno MX-200 Irons. I got out to play three 18-hole rounds and some range sessions in between the rains for the JPX-800s. I will say that the JPX-800 iron is versatile and easy to hit. The JPX-800 are cast, not forged. So they lack that forged feel and feedback that Mizuno irons are known for. About five years ago, I bagged the MX-900 iron set for 1-1/2 years and love that set.


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